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Large coffee-table book, ranking the best 100 pictures in 20 years of motorsport Alex Galli professional photography career. 

In twenty years of photography in motorsport I had the opportunity to travel all over the world, working for important brands in the sector and photographing the most important motorsport championships: from Formula One to the famous 24 Hours... 

In this volume I have attempted a titanic goal, that is to make a ranking of my best 100 photographs ever! I chose the photographs of places, competitions, drivers and situations that touched me most deeply and, somehow, changed my life. I know circuits like Monza and Montecarlo very well, but in others like Bathurst or Long Beach I have only been once. However, I have always tried to live each experience as a unique and special gift. 

The book

• 200 pages, 100 images
• 15.7 x 11" | 28x40cm
• Hardback with Bodonian binding
• Printed on 200 matte paper
• Limited 100 numbered edition